TechlogixSource is an advanced web procurement system designed with Bell Industries Tech Logix Group's customers in mind. TechlogixSource provides state-of-the-art, integrated electronic sourcing of a vast array of technology products and services.

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Control and management of technology procurement in organizations today is a costly and time-consuming process. TechlogixSource utilizes dynamic Approval Based Routing functionality that provides flexible and powerful requisition management capabilities.

Our system currently maintains data on more than 400,000 technology products. In addition to these, the Tech.logix Group has the ability to create custom catalogs within TechlogixSource for items specifically desired by the customer.

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Planning - A comprehensive approach for achieving, sustaining and maximizing business success. The key to The Tech.logix Group's planning is a project management process that is uniquely driven by a close understanding of customer needs, disciplined use of facts, data, and statistical analysis, and diligent attention to managing, improving, and reinventing business processes.

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